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Sales Lead Tracking Tool

Price: $99.00
Manufacturer: HVAC Learning Solutions
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Our exclusive new Sales Lead Tracking Tool™ makes it much easier to incorporate effective sales management into your daily routine. This application, designed for dealers with up to $5 million in revenue, lets you know at any given time how your sales team and marketing programs are doing in a number of key areas.

  • Collecting prospect information:
    Compile your prospect information into a single database and store it so you can instantly see how far along each prospect is in the sales process, and what actions have been taken to move those prospects closer to sales.
  • Scheduling sales appointments:
    Schedule your sales calls in a way that will enhance your customers' experience.
  • Dispatching sales leads:
    Effectively determine who will follow up on a lead by expertise, neighborhood, territory, and other factors.
  • Following up on sales presentations:
    Check when sales presentations have been made, when to follow up, and who will make the call.
  • Generating sales, marketing, and lead reports:
    Track leads, follow up on prospects, see where your sales are strongest, measure the effectiveness of your marketing programs, and identify your best salespeople.

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