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Air Duct Calculator with Manual

Price: $15.99
Manufacturer: HVAC Learning Solutions
Correctly size air ducts with the HVAC Learning Solutions duct sizing calculator. With our duct calculator you’re able to size ducts made of galvanized metal, wire helix flexible, duct board, and duct liner. Every customer could benefit from an installed heating and cooling system that is balanced to meet all performance requirements of a properly sized system. The HVAC Learning Solutions duct calculator can be used to:
  • Find a duct diameter or rectangular size, given the friction rate and CFM through the duct.
  • Find the friction rate if the duct diameter and CFM are known.
  • Find a duct diameter given the CFM and desired velocity.
  • Determine velocity through a duct if duct size and CFM are known.
  • Determine CFM if the duct size and velocity are known.
  • Convert equivalent sizes from one duct material to another.
Included are basic air conditioning formulas, fan laws, recommended gauges for sheet metal duct, recommended and maximum duct velocities, plus more. It is a lot easier to make the calculations before the work rather than to try to repair poor “guesstimates” after the duct are installed. Our air duct calculator is based on information from the ACCA Manual D.

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